Please note this Website is now an archive, as Bill Bennett has been employed by ENCO Systems, Inc. of Southfield, Michigan since March 2019.

However, Bill does accept side projects for videography, entertainment technology, audio engineering services and so forth, as long as they do not interfere with his work at ENCO.

Until May of 2019, Bill has been a Section Manager of SMPTE Pittsburgh, and secretary of SBE Pittsburgh Chapter 20; Here's his LinkedIn Profile.

He's presented to over 35 SBE & SMPTE groups around the U.S. in 2017 & 2018, on the topic of Virtualization in Radio (and audio). View a sample presentation here on Vimeo.

See more videos and articles here.

Bennett-Ross, Inc. (the business entity that embodies Bill Bennett's work) is a widely multidisciplinary, innovation-driven small business focused on the creation and enablement of experiential & digital media, video, media technology integration, broadcast services, and large-scale event & production management services.

It's founder and leader is Bill Bennett, a veteran Olympic Games broadcaster & planner, who also is the primary service provider for the Company's offerings, and who manages a matrixed team of other valued collaborators as / if needed.

Bill's an agile executive leader and entrepreneur able to manage and innovate across multiple, disparate sectors of media & technology and Olympic-scale broadcast venue planning & management, offering creative multidisciplinary oversight and production services across experiential media, video, exhibits, online, interactive content, television & radio broadcast, retail and e- commerce, sports & event production, business development and education.

The Company's efforts ideally focus on areas of benevolence, recreation and entertainment -- to help improve and enrich people's lives and that of our World. That said, we are eager to work with you regardless of your industry -- just give us the challenge!

Examples of video works are here. Check out his Blog from living in Russia for the five months run-up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. For fun, check out the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL hockey team story on Bill's HelmetCam used on the ice here (video here). We're also proud of our video that was on display at the Carnegie Museum of Art.